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The Dieselpunk Story

The sprawling megatropolis of New Haven is under the iron control of Viktor Ivanov and The Authority - his own personal army. Coming from old money, Viktor has a complete monopoly of the oil and gas fuel supplies sustaining the island. His rule is absolute.

While the wealthy live privileged lives behind the shinning metal walls of Sun City, the rest of the population live hard lives working in the Central District. Factories and industry stretch as far as the eye can see, and smog hangs thickly in the air. Food and supplies are carefully controlled by Viktor and the poorer workers in Central do not have enough. The death rate is too high and the future is bleak.

The Maslo Group was founded to fill this hope vacuum. They are a brave, highly trained and well organised group of smugglers breaking into Viktor's heavily guarded supply trains and stealing food, medicine and fuel. They distribute this across the Central District to help those most in need. Viktor cannot allow this insolence to stand.

The Authority are rolling out into Central to take down The Maslo Group's headquarters, which have recently been discovered. They are bringing an arsenal of weapons, from a massive combat robot called The Goliath to a hover tank known as The Huntsman, all headed by an elite group of trained soldiers known as The Volk. Our smuggling heroes must defend their supply base and defend the workers of New Haven from this tyranny. Everything is at stake today. Without The Maslo Group, who will people turn to? They must win this fight and prevail!

What do you get?

If you sign up to our monthly subscription in January, you'll be able to download the full Dieselpunk collection of STL miniatures for an incredible price. They're pre-supported and fully tested across a range of 3D resin printers. The models are 36mm scale for better printing and painting 🙂 
Characters - 10

Five heroic characters, part of the The Maslo Group who smuggle much needed supplies to the poor:

  • Katina - the leader
  • Adrik - her second in command
  • Yasemin - an engineer
  • Grigory - a sniper
  • Zasha - a diesel rider and messenger

Five elite Volk soldiers who work for The Authority to keep the population under iron control.

Machines - 6

For The Authority:

  • The Huntsman Hover Tank
  • The Goliath Combat Robot
  • A Mechanised Assault Suit

For The Maslo Group:

  • A Mechanised Attack Canine "M.A.C"
  • Zasha's Diesel Jet Bike
  • An Automatic Defence Turret
Terrain - 5

Some scenic items and objectives to add to the story of the collection:

  • A huge modular Diesel Oil Refinery terrain piece

  • Oil Barrels containing diesel
  • Crates containing important supplies: medicine, food and rebreathers

  • 16 scenic dieselpunk bases for the characters and machines

How Do I sign up?

We'll be available on Patreon, a monthly subscription service that allows you to support your favourite artists and their work. Simply head over to that website once we launch in January and subscribe. You'll then have access to a post which contains the link and password to download our Dieselpunk Collection!
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  • $10 for the first 500 people, $12.50 after that!
  • Pay on the day you sign up and then monthly on the 1st of the month
  • Cancel anytime before the renewal date, no commitments.
  • The full collection will be released on the 5th of the month
  • Get access to a password protected folder for downloading the collection. You'll receive the STLs, the pre-supported STLs and the Chitubox files
  • Free Painting Tutorials released across the month to get you started painting your printed models!
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The Painting Tutorials

Each month, we'll release painting tutorials for our Patreon subscribers showing you how to paint three models in the collection! They will be completed by a professional miniature painter and aim to help you get started painting your prints!

Once you subscribe to our channel on Patreon, you'll get access to the tutorial posts, which will be released one at a time across the month to give you time to complete them. They will contain photos and step by step instructions suitable for beginners too.


Learn how to paint our hero's armour and leather clothing. Use the techniques from this tutorial but different colours across the rest of The Maslo Group to give them all a unique personality.

A Volk Trooper

Learn how to paint the terrifying diesel troopers, building a sense of foreboding with your colour scheme and ensuring they pop on the tabletop.

The Huntsman

Learn how to paint machines in this tutorial, which can then be applied across the other minis in this collection. We take a look at weathering and adding battle damage too.